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PLC Based Automation

PLC Based Automation

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Automatic Batching System For Banbury Mixer

A Rubber/Tyre Factory requires a suitable system to handle the ingradient batching and monitoring of the Banbury mixer to enable a consistent product mix, less operator fatigue and avoid unnecessary human intervention in the production as well an energy efficient manufacturing process.


The Proposal to is for the following modules

  • Receiving of Raw materials at stores and issue of the same to production on FIFO basis.
  • Storage, retrieval and batching of the Chemicals at the Production area.
  • Storage, retrieval and batching of the Oil at the production area.
  • Storage, retrieval and batching of the carbon at the production area.
  • Storage retrieval and batching of the rubber at the production area.
  • Mix cycle recipe management.
  • Banbury Power integrator module.
  • Barcode Based material tracking and operation tracking system for the complete cycle.


The materials received at the stores are barcoded (if the last option H is selected) and stored in the respective places in the stores. Based on the scheduler and the material availability at the production floor the system prompts the operator to select the first come material into the stores.. The operator ensures manually and by reading the labels for the FIRST IN Material to be taken FIRST OUT.

Through the bar code option system this becomes more easy to the operator using a bar code scanner and ensures no manual error.

Stationery Silos

Specially designed storage bins are placed in two rows (of 13 Nos in each row ) total 26 Bins) to enable storing and retrieving of the chemicals at the Production floor. Each bin is fitted with doors at the drawing and filling end. The opening and closing of the bins are automatic through piston arrangement and the same is triggered through the recipe.
A Mobile loading station is provided to enable the operator feed the material to the bin with out affecting the production.

Bar code option here reconfirms that the correct material is loaded into the correct bin with out manual error.