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Software Divison


DWS specialize in integrating applied software products, connectivity tools, and related standard products to perform the applications of batching, SQC, formulation, custom scale instrumentation, connectivity, and vehicle scale management software.
DWS software is a powerful new way to get the most out of your weighing scale. It saves you time and money by putting complete control of weight and data management at your fingertips. Designed for compatibility with other systems, DWS software can fit seamlessly into your operation. The modular design lets you use the software to connect your scale to a single PC or a computer network. The program stores a database of vehicles, customers, products, and other information needed to complete transactions. Wizards are available to import, export, and convert data.
Industrial instruments and software from DIGITAL WEIGHING SYSTEMS optimize your operations from receiving to shipping, with solutions for production, end-of-line product inspection and logistics. Results include improved product quality, accelerated and automated processes, increased efficiency and regulatory compliance. Many of our solutions can be integrated directly into ERP systems.

Features And Benefits

  • Complete data management made easy
  • Software can control multiple scales, traffic lights, and gates
  • GUI editor makes it easy to configure screens
  • Customizable reports and tickets
  • Versions for forestry, agriculture, and waste industries
  • Presets speed transactions by entering data automatically
  • Optional unattended weighing capabilities
  • Sampling (step or random), contract support, taxes, and surcharges
  • Weights and Measures log

  • Hardware Pentium/700 MHz CPU/128 MB RAM
  • Free disk space 5 GB hard disk space
  • Operating systems Windows 2000 or NT


A complete 3D product design, verification, motion simulation, data management, and communication tools to make the product. The team of designer both mechanical and electronics looks after the system design ,computer coordinated mechanism using high end CAD/CAM tools, design optimization,design theory and technology for digital weighing machines and equipments. Design team also there for customer support for installation, maintenance and change requested. We also have a product development and product life cycle team for the upgradation and analysis of weighing machine using cad/cam.