PLC Based Automation

PLC Based Automation

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Automatic Batching System For Banbury Mixer

A Rubber/Tyre Factory requires a suitable system to handle the ingradient batching and monitoring of the Banbury mixer to enable a consistent product mix, less operator fatigue and avoid unnecessary human intervention in the production as well an energy efficient manufacturing process.

The Proposal to is for the following modules

  • Receiving of Raw materials at stores and issue of the same to production on FIFO basis.

  • Storage, retrieval and batching of the Chemicals at the Production area.

  • Storage, retrieval and batching of the Oil at the production area.

  • Storage, retrieval and batching of the carbon at the production area.

  • Storage retrieval and batching of the rubber at the production area.

  • Mix cycle recipe management.

  • Banbury Power integrator module.

  • Barcode Based material tracking and operation tracking system for the complete cycle.