Belt Weighing System

Conveyor weighing system is designed to achieve continuous weight calculation for industries where inward raw material or outgoing finished goods are being transferred through conveyor belt.

Belt Weighing System

  • LCD display to show rate of material transfer, speed & totaliser
  • Front panel 4-key keyboard for easy operation
  • Easy setting procedures
  • Load cell port for weight sensing
  • Linear input port to connect linear transducer for speed
  • Digital input to connect pulse input for speed from techo
  • SMPS power supply to operate over a wide input range
  • Panel mount housing
  • Ability to withstand harsh industrial environment and atmospheric temperature variations
  • 16 bit 4-20mA analog output for rate of flow (optional)

    BC04 can be made available for any of the following field requirement

  • Feeding of a material precisely using coarse-fine arrangement
  • Feeding of more than one materials
  • Discharge of a ready batch from weigh hopper
  • Dispensing required quantity from weigh hopper
  • Check weighing
  • Automatic Bag filling considering precise quantity and clamping action
  • Tank Level maintaining and many moreā€¦.

    Automatic calculation and continuous display of

  • L : Load weigh being transferred in per meter length (kg/meter)
  • S : Speed of the conveyor belt in meter per minute
  • R : Rate of material being transferred in ton/hour
  • T :Totaliser in tonnes to show the total weight, which has been transferred
  • Provision of speed calibration by connecting pulse input using simple proxy switch NPN or PNP type.
  • Provision of multi step software calibration of weight is provided for three speeds (Low/Medium/High)